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Established in 2020, Welcome to Whatever (WIcm 2 Wtvr, or W2W for short) strives to create art in new forms of wearable fashion. Creator and CEO, Kayla Bloom, decided on the brand name as a way to dissolve strict product categories and allow the company to produce projects of spontaneity.


Exclusively at Welcome 2 Whatever

Ivory Resin Belt


This Ivory Resin Belt is an exquisite piece of wearable art. Crafted by hand with resin and intricate details, it is a timeless accessory that will perfectly adorn any outfit. 


The belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and its intricate design makes it a unique and eye-catching statement piece.


Each belt has a silver metal bullet that is used as the buckle. All can be adjusted to your size by removing the amount of bullets to your liking. 

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At our Artisan decor and wearable art shop, we offer custom shoe design services. Our experienced artisans can create beautiful, glamorous painted shoes to your liking. 

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